Now that you’re in retirement, you want to be sure that you’ll have enough money to last throughout your golden years. But questions like “Which accounts do I utilize first?” and “How will these distributions affect my taxes?” may have you concerned.

We work with you to create a retirement plan that helps give you peace of mind. We can help ease the transition from working life to retirement by setting up a regular “paycheck” from your retirement accounts. We handle all the ongoing logistics of your distribution strategy, and our tax team even helps you decide on an appropriate tax withholding rate.

With this “paycheck,” you’ll know exactly how much you can spend without worrying about whether you’re pulling from your savings too quickly or distributing from the right accounts.

In addition, we will work with you to:

  • Analyze your asset allocation to see if you need to adjust toward lower-volatility investments to provide more income stability

  • Develop proactive tax planning strategies to help you keep more of your money and in a lower tax bracket

  • Provide independent insurance analysis to help determine the appropriate coverage for your retirement years

  • Review your estate planning to help ensure your legacy will be carried out as you wish

  • Formulate a plan for potential long-term-care costs