Now that retirement is within sight, you want to be sure that you’re prepared to make the transition into this new life stage. You’ve worked hard to save throughout your career, but you want to feel confident that you’ve saved enough to last throughout your life and support your retirement goals.

Meanwhile, you still have important bills to pay, such as your mortgage or your children’s education. You seek enough cash flow now to support your years leading up to retirement while positioning your finances to minimize risk and taxes in retirement.

We will work with you to:

  • Determine whether you’re saving enough for retirement based on your goals

  • Analyze your asset allocation to see if you need to adjust your glide path toward lower-volatility investments in retirement

  • Decide when to begin taking Social Security benefits in light of your overall goals

  • Calculate what your expected retirement “paycheck” will be when you start to take periodic distributions from your retirement accounts

  • Review your tax planning to see if you would benefit from any adjustments now or in retirement that would help you keep more of your money

  • Analyze your cash flow and debt, if applicable, to determine any beneficial adjustments, such as prioritizing certain debt payments or savings vehicles as you transition into retirement

  • Provide independent insurance analysis to help ensure you are protecting you and your family’s future

  • Review or help you start your estate planning, including defining your objectives and ensuring you have the right documents in place