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Planning for Life in a Retirement Community—Things To Consider

Given the high demand of retirement communities, which can include independent living and assisted living alternatives, many are taking a proactive approach in evaluating and moving into these communities—prior to health changes that could warrant the necessity to move in

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Long Term Care Insurance—Is it time to consider a hybrid?

Normally, when someone mentions hybrids they are referring to fuel-efficient, money-saving cars. Like hybrid cars, the intention of hybrid long term care insurance policies is to provide cost-saving insurance coverage by combining both life insurance (or an annuity) with long term care coverage.

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At What Age Should I Obtain Long Term Care Insurance?

A major consideration when conducting a retirement feasibility analysis for clients is how potential long term care costs would be covered. With the cost of long term care increasing at a projected rate of 5% to 7% for the foreseeable future, in ten years from now a three year stay in the average facility in North Carolina could cost upwards of $380,000

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